The company was founded in 1919 by Francesco Preschern graduated cabinet-maker - woodworker at the Imperiale Regia Scuola Speciale per Lavorazione del Legno of Mariano del Friuli: originally the activities of the firm included the production of coffins. At the end of the Second World War Francesco was joined in conducting business by his son Remigio, who was also a graduated cabinet-maker - woodworker at the same institute. Under the leadership of Remigio the company undergoes a rapid pulse as well as a rapid expansion: the woodworking business was soon abandoned, particularly the production of coffins. The commercial and the services supply sections were greatly developed. The position of absolute importance assumed by the firm obtains various approvals, so that many municipalities consider entrsting the management of funeral services in their jurisdiction areas. In the 80's, Remigio and her wife Diletta are joined in conducting the business by the son Claudio and, for some periods, by the son Ennio. In this period the firm expands considerably by opening branches in the municipalities of Cormons, Ronchi dei Legionari and, finally, Gorizia.